About us:


PLASTICO INDUS aims to achieve highest competency in manufacturing to meet customer expectation. We aim to set the benchmark for quality and meet customer expectations through commitment and quality work.
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management. We at are committed to promote of Kaizen culture at each level for improving work efficiency and zero percent of rejection level.


Vision Mission Value

The Company strategy is to leverage its position as one of the leading automotive component manufacturer and suppliers to further increase its customer base. In achieving this, the Company intends to work closely with its existing customer requirement.


For continually improvement and maintaining quality of plastic injection moulded components following tests are conducted:

  1. Melt Flow Index - MFI (Melt Flow Rate - MSR) Testing.
  2. Polymer & Plastic Identification Testing
  3. Moisture Content Detection System
  4. Regular Aesthetic & Dimension Inspection Under Artificial Light
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